Outpatient Clinic Billing

Outpatient Clinic Billing

If you have an active Medicaid number listed in the clinic, you should not be billed.

If you have Medicare, you will be billed for co-insurance, Part B, unless you have Medicaid for this. You may also be able to bill private insurance for Part B. The co-insurance is your responsibility. We will not, however, withhold service if you cannot pay this.

Self-pay fees are established according to a scale based on family size and family income, which is approved by the Medical Board.

You will also receive bills to submit to your insurance company. If you need any assistance regarding billing, contact Mr. Frank McGuire of our Financial Department at (914) 493-7143.

Inability to pay does not exclude from the service. Please discuss this with your therapist if you need to modify your payment arrangements.