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For Patients & Visitors

For Patients & Visitors

Many of the items in the main section of the Westchester Medical Center Patient Guide will be helpful to patients at the Behavioral Health Center and
their families. The following is a list of information and services that apply to Behavioral Health Center patients.

The Behavioral Health Center is 101-bed hospital located at the north end of the Westchester Medical Center Campus accessible to visitors via the
peripheral road.

The Behavioral Health Center's mission is to provide the highest quality emergency and short-term Inpatient and Outpatient behavioral health treatment
for those suffering from primary mental illness, substance abuse or a secondary behavioral disorder as a result of a medical illness. The goal of all treatment is to restore patients to their optimal level of functioning in the community, using the least restrictive method of treatment appropriate to the needs of the individual.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities
Upon admission, each patient is given a Patient Bill of Rights. Patients are provided with a patient handbook on each unit, which summarizes the daily treatment and activities and outlines the rights and responsibilities of patients.

Treatment at the Behavioral Health Center is provided by a team of mental health professionals including but not limited to Psychiatrists, Psychiatric
Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses, Recreation and Expressive Therapists and Psychiatric Nursing Aides.

Legal Services
Legal advocacy services are provided by the New York State Office of Mental Hygiene Legal Services.

The Behavioral Health Center has a dedicated parking lot for visitors, located directly in front of the main entrance. Questions regarding parking rates and
monthly discount passes should be directed to the parking management company at (914) 493-7932. Parking complaints should be directed to the
Parking Complaint Hotline at (914) 493-1963.

Public telephones are available on each unit for Behavioral Health Center patients, and in the main lobby for visitors.

Televisions are available to patients in several common areas on each patient care unit.

Meals and Food
Meals are provided on each unit for Behavioral Health Center Patients three times each day. Daily snacks and special diet meals are provided. There is a cafeteria and vending machines near the main lobby of the Behavioral Health Center for visitor use.

Please have all correspondence for patients addressed as follows:

Patient's Name
Behavioral Health Center
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, New York 10595

General Information
Information specific to programs and services of the Behavioral Health Center may be obtained by calling (914) 493-7282.